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  1. Places: 2

    Applicants: 0

    ADM2/AfSU/4 Policy & Compliance Officer The AfSU Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the union. They are the designated body of leadership and will oversee all activities this union undertakes. By becoming a Policy Writer & Advisor, you will assist, and be part of, AfSUs Administration Team and will be part of managing the union's activities. As a Policy & Compliance Officer, you will be helping write key documents for the union. These may include master policies, team directives and general management directives. We’d recommend someone who holds an interest in writing complex documents apply to this post. It is recommended that you hold some knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. You must be able to dedicate time to the AfSU project where required and it is recommended you hold prior knowledge/experience of AfSU activities. The individual will be trained in policy writing and will be working alongside colleagues who are able to help you develop yourself both academically and professionally. There are official rules and procedures for charities to help prevent conflicts and help volunteers work towards an organization's goals and avoid damaging the reputation of its brand. Individuals who are assigned a policy should be able to understand the clear guidelines of what AfSU expects to be written, you should be willing to submit drafts, amend feedback, and provide us with advice on how best to approach legal issues. You will be paid per each board-approved policy you submit to us. Any individual who is wanting to apply to AfSU should understand the law, and guidelines of writing policies, with strong understandings on topics pertinent to charity law. AfSU prides itself on having a strong ethical, moral, and legal foundation when carrying out its work and we expect the same of our members. What we're looking for: You should be familiar with Safeguarding policies and relevant responsibilities. You should be up to date on Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2023 statute laws and their application to our policies. You should understand Prevent Duty concepts, DSL roles, SCR Records or be willing to be taught on how these apply to your role. You will be paid per policy you produce, however the bulk of your work will involve advising and updating AfSU on legal and compliance matters that arise on a regular (bi-weekly) basis, and so it is recommended you keep up to date with legal news channels on education, charities law, and similar concepts. Joining AfSU also means you have access to internship and other academic opportunities unique to AfSU. You'll also be joining a community of like minded people who have similar goals and interests to yourself. Compensation Pay (per approved legal policy): £50/policy The Afghan Student Union (AfSU) is a registered charity operating within England and Wales under the Charities Act 2011 with charity registration number 1203499.
  2. Places: 5

    Applicants: 3

    BOT2/Legal/1 AfSU Trustee (Board of Trustees) The Afghan Student Union (AfSU) is a registered charity operating within England and Wales. Our executive board is known as our "Board of Directors", and they are responsible for day-to-day management of the union and operational responsibilities. The AfSU Board of Trustees is a non-executive trusteeship which looks at advising and holding to account AfSU's Board of Directors. As a Trustee at AfSU, your role will be to ensure AfSU's strategic vision aligns with legal requirements and is being articulated in the necessary manner to external parties/organisations. This includes operational, logistics and financial matters. The role will require you to attend quarterly meetings with the full Board (4 in a year) to discuss AfSU's quarterly progress, expectations and legal compliance matters should these arise. Meetings will be held in-person at King's College London on a quarterly basis, these will typically be over the course of 2 hours. The meetings will involve the AfSU Executive Director reporting on AfSU's progress, with the Trustees being given the opportunity to feedback comments. The full specification of the role is as follows: Advisory: you will be expected to advise the AfSU Board of Directors on matters upon which you hold expert knowledge in. Auxiliary: providing recommendations towards "change to comply", a process by which we translate our operational desires to tangible legal solutions. Approval: you will be responsible, as a Board, for checking over and signing annual accounts which are presented to you by AfSU's Executive Director and explained to you by external auditors/accountants. Accountability: you will need to question, deliberate, and ensure AfSU's executive board is being held accountable for the actions for which they are pursuing. As an independent trustee, you need to ensure you have no conflicts of interest and sign these interests in our declaration of interests register. To become an AfSU Trustee, you: Must be at least 18 years old. Must have a genuine interest in the AfSU's mission and purpose. Should possess relevant skills, knowledge, or experience that align with the AfSU's needs (e.g., finance, legal, marketing, grant-making/affording). Must be able to commit sufficient time and energy to fulfill trustee responsibilities. Should have the ability to work effectively as part of a team and contribute to decision-making processes. Should have good communication and interpersonal skills. Must be trustworthy, ethical, and committed to acting in the best interests of AfSU and our beneficiaries. Should have a willingness to learn and develop as a trustee, including attending relevant training or workshops. Should be prepared to comply with legal and regulatory requirements governing charities and trusteeship (e.g., understanding and fulfilling legal duties, maintaining proper financial records, reporting obligations, etc.). Must be willing to adhere to the charity's governing documents, policies, and procedures. You also: Must not have any criminal record or history of civil suits being brought against you successfully. Must not be at risk of bankruptcy to comply with legal requirements. Must not have any conflicts of interest that could compromise your ability to make impartial decisions. Your name will be publicly listed as a charity trustee, AfSU's registered charity number is 1203499. You can find AfSU on the Charities Commission for England and Wales website to find us on the charity register. Becoming a Trustee is a voluntary, unpaid role, and can be likened to a position as a school governor. You should apply by first registering an account on the AfSU Portal by clicking here, and then returning to this page to submit your application. We look forward to receiving your applications. Becoming a Trustee has multiple benefits: You will be amongst a community of like-minded people looking at making positive change in the Afghan diaspora at a grassroots level. You will be compensated for travel costs to AfSU events, meetings, workshops and conferences. As a registered charity, AfSU has access to multiple unique discounts around the UK. Costco membership, increased credit ratings, public recognition for the work you do are among some of the benefits included. Access to Microsoft services (including Web/Desktop Office), Google Workspace (with 1 TB storage) and other technology is also available. You will be given the opportunity to help change Afghanistan's future. SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE INVITED TO INTERVIEW BEFORE SELECTION. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED SHORTLY AFTER YOUR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION TO ARRANGE THIS.
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