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    TO APPLY TO JOIN THE AfSU UMBRELLA PLEASE REGISTER AN ACCOUNT FIRST BY CLICKING HERE AND THEN PROCEEDING TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO APPLY WITHOUT FIRST HAVING REGISTERED AN ACCOUNT. BOD1/AfSU/6 University Society Application University societies are able to join AfSU as partners and gain access to the AfSU community. Universities will be able to receive the following benefits: Resources & Opportunities By joining AfSU, your society gains access to the extensive network of opportunities and networks provided by AfSU. We offer unique internship opportunities to our members, work experience placements, and more. As well as this, you have the opportunity to engage with professionals and academics and take up paid roles at AfSU and elsewhere. You can help contribute to the notion of a strong diaspora community which we champion through the work we do and produce. Team & Community Collaborate with AfSU and gain funding for academic events you hold. Access valuable insights and help in running your society's events. You'll be able to collaborate with not just AfSU but with all the AfSU partner societies. Conferences, Events & Workshops Help shape the dialogue on Afghanistan's diaspora and invite interested members to attend our academic events that help shape your society's members academic and personal lives. AfSU has previously hosted networking events (with more than a hundred participants), book talks, lecture series, discussions, and more. Our conferences attract government departments, the legal sector, finance, medicine, nursing, and a wide variety of other areas which will be of interest to your society's membership. You will also be assisting in the general management of the union. You'll be able to influence AfSU Operations and help foster an active, confident, engaging and dedicated student community for years to come. Universities, upon joining, must agree to the AfSU Partnerships Agreement. We expect to hold universities to account for actions they take, and for universities to hold us to account for actions we take. In return for a university's participation in AfSU, we offer the various incentives outlined earlier. AfSU reserves the right to warn, suspend and terminate partnerships between us and university societies dependant on whether actions taken by the committee members of university societies violates the AfSU Offences (External) Policy. We take discipline extremely seriously: the union will not tolerate behaviour which is deemed unbecoming of a member of the union, and we will be holding societies and their committees to an incredibly high standard. Society members: your Presidents (or an authorised committee representative) must fill out this form. Once you have completed the form, you'll be invited to a short meeting with the AfSU Director of Operations to (a) determine how the partnership between your society and AfSU will work, (b) the AfSU Partnership Agreement and (c) what your society would like to benefit from by using AfSU services.
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