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    Welcome to Team AfSU! We thank you for taking an interest in applying to join our team and help assist students across the country.

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PROFESSIONALS/ACADEMICS ADM2/AfSU/5 Advisor to the Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors

ADM2/AfSU/5 Advisor to the Board of Directors

The AfSU Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the union. They are the designated body of leadership and will oversee all activities this union undertakes. By becoming an Advisor to the Board, you will assist AfSUs Leadership Team and will be part of managing the union's activities.  

As an Advisor, you will be assisting in the management of the union by liaising directly with the Board of Directors to advise them on issues, provide connections and give valuable insights into how AfSU can develop itself as a brand. You should be able to use your connections to expand the AfSU project and advise the Board on topics that they require advisement on.

Topics and projects you may be able to advise on are broad, and may include general or specific areas of our brand, presence, national/international connections, our umbrella programme, or strategic advice. We prioritise your expertise, and thus the role will be shaped to fit your areas of knowledge.

It is recommended that you:

  • Hold knowledge of Zoom and Microsoft Applications.
  • Have expertise (i.e. professional experience) or qualifications (whether you're currently studying or have graduated) in the area you wish to advise on.
  • Hold connections or strong insights in the area you hope to advise us on.
  • You must be able to dedicate time to the AfSU project where required and it is recommended you hold prior knowledge/experience of AfSU activities.
  • You should be willing to attend Team AfSU events and participate in the union's activities to the best of your ability. You should also demonstrate professionalism and take initiative. We encourage confidence in suggesting new ideas and concepts. 

The Advisor role is a voluntary, unpaid position however AfSU can be used as a reference point on CVs/LinkedIn. Joining AfSU also means you have access to internship and other academic opportunities unique to AfSU. You'll also be joining a community of like minded people who have similar goals and interests to yourself. You'll be able to network with a broad range of individuals, and get involved in the strong diaspora community we hope to create.

Applications to this role can be submitted on a rolling basis, we will respond to all applications submitted within two weeks of submission. To apply please register an account and then proceed to fill out your application. We aim to review all applications and return an application outcome to you within two weeks of receipt.

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