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STUDENTS BOD1/AfSU/4 Secretary to the Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors

BOD1/AfSU/4 Secretary to the Board of Directors

The AfSU Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the union. They are the designated body of leadership and will oversee all activities this union undertakes. By becoming a Secretary to the Board, you gain a seat as part of AfSUs Leadership Team and will be part of managing the union's activities.

The Secretary to the Board of Directors helps in writing key documents, policies and submissions for the union. These may include master policies, team directives and general management directives. We’d recommend someone who holds an interest in writing documents/emails apply to this post.

You will be given access to AfSU mailboxes and be tasked with responding to emails from external organisations such as interested parties, governments, universities and press agencies. You will be trained in taking accurate minutes of complex meetings and given the necessary equipment to do so.

You will also be assisting in the general management of the union. This may involve calendar planning for when events, conferences and other items may take place. It is recommended that you hold some knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. You must be able to dedicate time to the AfSU project where required and it is recommended you hold prior knowledge/experience of AfSU activities. You will work closely with AfSU’s ED and manage their schedule and calendar requirements using basic reminder and calendar software.

For examples of the types of documents we may create here at AfSU, please refer to: https://afsu.org/constitution.

This is an unpaid role. AfSU offers various paths of progression, you may use AfSU as a reference point on CVs/LinkedIn. Joining AfSU also means you have access to internship and other academic opportunities unique to AfSU. You'll also be joining a community of like minded people who have similar goals and interests to yourself. Previous progression from this position has been into Director positions.

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