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    Welcome to Team AfSU! We thank you for taking an interest in applying to join our team and help assist students across the country.

    To apply please register an account and then proceed to fill out your application. We aim to review all applications and return an application outcome to you within two weeks of receipt.

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STUDENTS OP1/AfSU/1 Operations Officer

  • Board of Directors


The Operations Department focuses on covering the following areas: (a) the creation and management of events, workshops and all other AfSU initiatives (b) the sub-management of resources, allocating funding and ensuring the continuity of AfSU services and (c) ensuring that AfSU remains a healthy and fun environment to work in and be part of.

The role of Events Officer would involve you to:

  • Support the Director and Deputy Director with the organisation of events and logistical issues.
  • Liaise with the core AfSU departments to coordinate events and deliver timely performance.
  • Possess exceptional operational knowledge of organising and managing a wide range of events from meetings to conferences, across different venues.
  • Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks and maintain steady under changing and flexible circumstances

We'd recommend applicants hold the following characteristics:

  • Strong sense of belonging and working with a team.
  • Keen on gaining experience and knowledge of hosting events with large groups of people (usually 100+). Happy to invest time into making AfSU events successful whilst maintaining a balanced amount of work.
  • Coming up with unique solutions presented by logistical challenges. The applicant should be someone who enjoys solving complex issues surrounding operational needs/requirements.
  • Flexible with their time.

AfSU can be used as a reference point on CVs/LinkedIn. Joining AfSU also means you have access to internship and other academic opportunities unique to AfSU. You'll also be joining a community of like minded people who have similar goals and interests to yourself. We pride ourselves on our sense of community, by joining, you will be able to access a strong network of both students, and professionals, which you can use to further your connections.

Deadline 13th April, 2024 at 5pm.

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